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Patients that are over the age of 6 years are Required Pre Anesthetic Blood Tests.

Pre Anesthetic Blood Tests are available to ALL Surgery Patients.

For All Surgical Procedures

  • The patient needs to be healthy, no heart murmur or seizures, or any major health condition.
  • Weigh more than four pounds.
  • All patients for anesthesia are required to provide proof of Rabies vaccination (or our cost for the vaccine is $15.00; this can be done on the day of surgery/dental)
  • Only for Dogs – a negative heartworm test and proof of their heartworm prevention is required. (Or we can do this test also, the cost is $25.00).
  • We do require a deposit [$50.00 ($20.00 for cats)] to make the surgery/dental appointment (This deposit is your partial payment toward the total cost surgery/dental) you will pay the balance after the surgery/dental, at the time of pickup). This deposit is your promise to come on the day of surgery (If you no call, no show we will keep your deposit).
  • Blood tests are required if patient is over 6 years of age.(CBC and Blood Chemistries)
  • Less than 10 years old (9 years 9 months ok – not over 10 years) our doctors do not give anesthesia over the age of 10 years.
  • Extractions are performed only if the tooth is loose – major extractions (broken teeth) are referred to a clinic that does provide more dental services than us.
  • If there are fleas, ear infection, or another medical issue there could be additional charges.

Dog Spay

4 to 25 lbs. $80.00
26 to 40 lbs. $90.00
41 to 55 lbs. $100.00
56 to 70 lbs. $110.00
70 to 85 lbs. $120.00
86 to100 lbs. $130.00

Dog Neuter

4 to 25 lbs. $70.00
26 to 40 lbs. $80.00
41 to 55 lbs. $90.00
56 to 70 lbs. $100.00
70 to 85 lbs. $110.00
86 to100 lbs. $120.00

For Patients weighing more than 100 lbs. there will be an additional charge per Doctor

Feline Spay


Feline Neuter


Additional Charge for Cryptorchid

Feline Spay & Declaw



$30 .00 to $35.00

Feline Neuter & Declaw


Declaw Front Feet only

(Patient must already be spayed or neutered)

Umbilical Hernia


Cherry Eye Repair


Stenotic Nares


Rear Dewclaw Removal

(not attached) per toe…$20.00



COVID-19 Service Announcement

Effective immediately, we will be implementing some temporary changes in an effort to fight the spread of COVID-19. For specific details regarding the changes at each location, please visit us on Facebook ( or call your local clinic directly. FATA will remain open in this format until further notice. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.